In today’s world, in business, government, and elsewhere, you need to speak to people from other countries.
Where a language barrier has to be crossed, nuances are easily the first victim. In general, this does not matter too much as personal interaction makes up for much linguistic misunderstanding.
However, where the number of people involved makes it impractical to use a friendly smile to dissipate any misunderstandings, or where you simply have to make sure that every nuance is communicated across the language barrier, professional aid may be required.
To assist you in understanding your foreign partners better, I provide professional help in the form of: interpreting, i.e. spoken translation services.
This comes in two variants: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.
I also provide a comprehensive, one-stop-shop service, from team organisation to interpreting equipment. If you wish, this is followed up by feedback on your event from the perspective of a disinterested outsider with extensive conference experience and by the provision of a bilingual glossary of specific terms encountered during the preparation phase or the meeting itself.
I adhere to the strictest professional standards of diligence and confidentiality in all of my business dealings.
I will be happy provide a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. Just give me a call at 0049 172 411 79 52 or send an e-mail through my contact form and we can discuss how your event can best be communicated in all of the required languages.